Bottom Drawers

  • Exhibition: Bottom Drawers, Pitzhanger Manor.
  • Dutch, Achille, Spur, Clarkes & Unbracko
  • Fruit crates, recycled wardrobe panels, Ash & sheet rubber

Bottom Drawers curated by designer Carl Clerkin aimed to look at why we collect the things we do and why objects become important to our lives, often with a value that goes way beyond their monetary worth. It explores the feelings we attach to objects

Cardboard boxes are often reused as ad-hoc containers for a variety of objects and artefacts. Their proportions, dimensions and character seem to afford them a unique combination of usefulness and charm. The series of boxes; dutch, achille, spur, clarkes and unbracko are reinterpretations of existing boxes in which the economic use of materials and expedient method of manufacture afford them not only a usefulness but also utilitarian charm and longevity.