Intelligent Making

  • Curated by Simon Maidment
  • New Brewery Arts
  • 14th Sept- 27th Oct


Bringing together traditional and contemporary design and craft objects, Intelligent Making explores the materials of making, the process of making as well as why we make. The exhibition seeks to highlight and acknowledge the material and making empathies evidenced in work, which spans generations, decades, regions and markets.

 Intelligent Making will show objects, which demonstrate thoughtful and sustainable use of materials coupled with the employment of making techniques that express knowledge, understanding, and above all, the appreciation of the intrinsic qualities and properties of materials. The exhibition will include traditional and contemporary design and craft objects such as a trug, a folding boat, an Orkney chair, contemporary footwear, green wood furniture, basket weaving from Zimbabwe and Japanese hand tools.

Simon Maidment, guest curator, has selected designers and craftspeople whose work he feels evidences this underlying making intelligence including:

Max Frommeld & Arno Mathies, Micheal Antrobus , David Colwell, Marloes Ten Bohmer, Carl Clerkin, Richard Brendon, Ed Carpenter, Kathleen Hills, Simon Hasan, Gareth Neal, Michael Marriott, Alex Hellum, Kevin Gauld, Owen Jones, Mike Abott, Jack Neville, Jon Harrison